Your Best Mind Ever

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Program – Your Best Mind Ever

Your Best Mind EverMillions of smart, sensitive, and creative individuals face the sorts of challenges that Dr. Eric Maisel, America’s foremost creativity coach, has been addressing for over thirty years. But the only challenge they have real control over is getting a grip on their own mind. Philosophers from Marcus Aurelius to the Buddha have proclaimed this to be our essential human task and cognitive-behavioral therapy is the modern way this age-old message is delivered. That’s why CBT is so popular—so popular, for example, that it is the primary therapy provided by the British National Health Service. The central message of Buddhism and CBT are true: you are what you think.

In this unique low-cost, text-and-audio program Dr. Maisel teaches you a brand new way to get a grip on your mind. Instead of focusing on thoughts, you learn how to employ a powerful metaphor that captures the essence of how your mind works. As a result, you can begin to effectively deal with sadness, anxiety, self-criticism, creative blockage, and all the other challenges you regularly face. Designed especially for smart, sensitive and creative individuals, this new way of looking at the mind will help you live a less fretful, less claustrophobic, more creative, all-around improved life. Don’t miss this exceptional, groundbreaking program!

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