Sharpen Your Pen Self-Paced Two-Day Workshop

Sharpen Your Pen Self-Paced Two-Day Workshop

All of the movements that matter to you and me and to so many millions of other people—the human rights movement, the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, the gay rights movement, the efforts to keep state and church separate, the efforts to expose tyrants in the home and in the state, the efforts to hold entrenched professional classes like psychiatrists accountable—require that people like you and me sharpen our pens and tell our truths.

This easy-to-use pdf guides you through a weekend where you get to do just that.

Writing is not the only way to stand up. But it’s an important way and a beautiful way.

Whether you stand up in a memoir, a series of essays, a blog post, an independent film, a nonfiction book, a novel, a series of poems, a stage play, a performance piece or in any other way that words can be used, what you say can matter and may well matter.

We have a long history of books making a difference, whether it’s George Orwell’s 1984 or Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring or countless others we could name. Today, short forms can matter as much as long forms: bloggers, essayists, and investigative reporters are speaking to millions. This is a weekend of devotion to your writing and your speaking, whether you’re working on something as long as an epic novel or as short as a letter-to-the-editor.

Via this pdf I will lead you through the weekend via timed emails in a format with proven results. Here are a few words of praise for this format. It works beautifully!

Praise for the Two-Day Experience

“Thank you so much for this incredibly effective teaching. It felt as if you were sitting in my living room coaching me in person. The results far exceeded my expectations. My takeaway from this weekend is that I CAN write stories. I am so grateful to have crossed path with you and for this writing experience. You’re the Best Teacher, ever!”—Tina McCoy


“Wow! I finished a rough draft of the book I’ve been working on—well done to both of us! I was amazed at what I got done.  This could get to be a habit.”—Elena Greco


“I came into this weekend with a general idea of what I wanted to write about. Halfway through the second day, I had a rough draft of many sections of a book. How astonishing and wonderful!”—Clare Thorbes


“What a great way to spend a weekend. I wrote about 5000 words and really, really liked the email format. There was no pressure, just guidance and the suggestions that I needed to spark an idea to life. The best part was that I did not have to leave home! It was fantastic.”—MaryAnn Burrows 


Spend two focused days reconnecting with your writing and getting lots of writing done!

If you’ve always wanted to attend the live version, if you’re a fan of Dr. Maisel’s work, if you’re curious about how this sort of workshop might work or—most importantly—if you want to make great progress on your writing and learn what you need to know in order to flourish as a writer, this workshop is for you!

“This weekend was more helpful than I could have imagined. The quietness and non-intrusion, along with the gentle frame of structure, was wonderful.  Thank you!—Catherine Comuzzi

“A toast to you, Eric. Thank you for a superb weekend!”—Jean Goldberg


“I looked forward to this weekend with eagerness and a bit of skepticism. Could such a format really keep me engaged? But it did! Your emails, keeping us on track time-wise, writing-wise, and process-wise, and the thoughtful questions and information you provided, made this a truly meaningful experience. Thanks for giving those of us who can’t attend your live deep writing workshop the chance to have this powerful and deep experience.”—Becky DeGeorge


“What a day this first day was. I have been so neglecting my novel and getting back to it was so difficult at first. I felt rusty and sluggish; but after ten minutes I perked right up. Now it’s my clear intention to complete the final draft of my novel. Thank you again. And my wonderful husband is taking me out for curry tonight to celebrate my first day back at the novel.”—Margaret McCoy

“Part of my closing ceremony is to thank you.  I’m a poet who stopped writing about 15 years ago and it has been very hard to start again. I made it to the end of the fifth writing set today!! And I will be back tomorrow!”—Clelie Rich 


“I loved everything about this workshop: the pearls of wisdom, the scaffolding of writing prompts, the ways in which you had us engage in acts of self-care. I don’t usually compose the kinds of endorsements that end up as testimonials, but I still wanted to write to say — I loved it!”—Andrea Mozarowski


“SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!”—Janice Meris-Oliver


What You Need

+ Two days set aside

What You Don’t Need

+ You don’t need to know for sure what you’re working on. Come with a current project; or, if you don’t have a current project, the workshop will help you discover it!

+ You don’t need to be at any particular stage of the writing process. This workshop is for writers at every stage and every level. Whether you’ve written half-a-dozen books or haven’t started your first short story yet, this workshop is for you. 

COST: $39


You can help the world by speaking up and you can change your own life by speaking up. When we don’t speak up, we harm ourselves. Not telling our truth harms us physically and emotionally. Help others, including those millions of youngsters growing up, and feel better in the process. Come join me for an important weekend.

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