Memoir Breakthrough Self-Paced Two-Day Workshop

Memoir Breakthrough Self-Paced Two-Day Workshop

Working on a memoir? Contemplating a memoir? Our pdf will guide you through a wonderful weekend experience in the comfort of your own home that will work beautifully for you!

Memoir writers face the problems that all writers face. They face certain specials problems as well. These special problems make beginning, working on, and completing a memoir unusually challenging. This weekend will help!

If you aren’t aware of these special problems, there’s a good chance that you won’t get your memoir written. I’ve worked with countless clients who’ve come to me unhappy with their progress on their memoir who then make excellent progress once they understand—and address—these special problems.

What are these special problems? Among them are the following:

+ You’ve lived your life chronologically. But is that the best way to present your memoir? Is that the most psychologically interesting or dramatically powerful approach? And if that ISN’T the best way, what IS? What is the best organizational scheme for your memoir? We’ll address this!

+ You have a story to tell. But does it feel SAFE to tell your story? If it doesn’t, you may have only intellectual permission to write your memoir and not visceral permission. There’s a huge difference between announcing, “I don’t care if my memoir upsets anyone!” and actually believing that in your heart and in your body. We’ll address this!

+ Yes, it could be a memoir. But it could also be a novel. And if it were a novel, that would take care of some of the issues around upsetting friends and family. But isn’t memoir more honest, more authentic, and more personal—and more personally satisfying? Many writers get stuck right here, on the horns of this particular dilemma: memoir or novel, novel or memoir? We’ll address this!

+ You have a story to tell. But it hasn’t ENDED yet. Can you write your story if you are still living your story? This Catch-22 can derail your memoir. We’ll address this too!

And much more!

Praise for the Workshop

“Thank you so much a wonderful weekend full of inspiration. This online writing course is so amazing. It is impeccably structured and filled with excellent information about writing a memoir. I feel like I am in a real classroom—and it’s better than a real classroom because I’m in the comfort of my own home. I get the same excellent instructions and now I have my basic story completely handwritten. It’s been so easy to do because of the guidelines you sent!”—Tina McCoy


“This weekend exceeded my expectations. I took the workshop as an experiment to help spark ideas for my fiction writing. I had almost no interest in writing a memoir. Wow, I had no idea how much writing I would get done! Memories kept coming, details kept sharpening. I was looking for my next writing project—and now I’ve found it!”—Scott Malyszka

“This was a wonderful workshop.  I had no idea that it would address exactly the ‘issues’ or blocks that I’ve been needing guidance with—but it did. Thank you for putting together such a well-organized and thought-provoking weekend.”—Diane Cheseldine 


“I will turn 79 this week and have been thinking, and talking, about writing a memoir for at least 40 years. I was so glad to discover that I could take your memoir workshop online and for much less money that a trip to a conference center. This weekend has been a very positive experience and I feel that I’m now much more motivated to write about my experiences. Thank you so much for this weekend. I intend to continue writing and taking another workshop with you.”—Jim Markham

What You Need

+ Two days set aside

What You Don’t Need

+ You don’t need to be at any particular stage of the memoir process. This workshop is for writers at every stage and every level. Whether you’ve written half-a-dozen books or haven’t started yet, this workshop is for you. 

COST: $39


Really connect with your memoir. You’ll love the experience!

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