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This is a blog for creativity coaches and anyone interested in the creative life. I hope it will help creativity coaches work more effectively with their clients, build their practice, and discover opportunities for using their skills in various settings, for instance in business, academic, and clinical settings.

I also hope that it will be of interest to life coaches and mental health professionals who work with creatives and who are curious about how creativity coaches work with clients. Likewise, it may prove of interest to creative and performing artists (writers, visual artists, musicians, etc.) and other creatives who are looking to learn about the services that creativity coaches offer.


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+ Please tell your friends about this blog, if you think it might interest them <smile>

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The “Do One Thing” Challenge

The “Do One Thing” Challenge

Quite often, someone who is contemplating taking one of my creativity coaching trainings will ask, “Is creativity coaching a viable profession?” I typically respond by saying that I see creativity coaching as a potential revenue stream and not as a full...

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