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Eric MaiselEric Maisel is the author of fifty books on a wide variety of subjects. His books on creativity, the creative life, and the challenges that creative and performing artists face include Fearless Creating, The Creativity Book, Making Your Creative Mark and Mastering Creative Anxiety. His books on the art and practice of creativity coaching include Secrets of a Creativity Coach, Coaching the Artist Within and Become a Creativity Coach Now! His books on life purpose and meaning include Life Purpose Boot Camp, The Life Purpose Diet, and The Van Gogh Blues. His books on mental health and mental health reform include The Future of Mental Health, Rethinking Depression, and Creative Recovery.

Dr. Maisel is an active creativity coach, a trainer of creativity coaches, a retired family therapist, and writes the “Coaching the Artist Within” column for Professional Artist Magazine and the “Rethinking Mental Health” column for Psychology Today. He presents classes, workshops, lectures and keynotes worldwide, for example as a keynote speaker at the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry annual conference and the International Association of Pastel Societies annual conference. He presents Deep Writing workshops in locations like New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, Prague and Rome and at workshop centers like Esalen, Omega and Kripalu.

The Eric Maisel Solutions guides are a series of short, to-the-point guides created to provide specific information of use to creative and performing artists (e.g. Start Selling Your Art to Tourists and Start Running Writing Workshops, Classes and Retreats), to enable creative individuals to better understand their options and their world (e.g., Get Smart About the Musician’s Life and What’s Your Artist Identity?), to spark debate concerning mental health issues (e.g. Introducing the Human Experience Specialist), and to provide an updated existential vision that describes a better future for individual and global mental health.

“Eric Maisel has devoted his life to sharing his deep understanding of creativity, meaning, and life purpose.”—Gail McMeekin, The Twelve Secrets of Highly Successful Women

“Maisel not only paints a picture of what a new mental health countryside could look like, but he also provides useful suggestions of how we might get there and why it might be important that we start heading in that direction today!”—Tim Carey, Director of the Centre for Remote Health, Charles Darwin University, Australia

“Maisel is a meticulous guide who knows the psychological landscape that artists inhabit.”The Writer Magazine

“Maisel’s psychological approach sets his work apart from the many inspirational and how-to writers on the market today”Library Journal

“Eric Maisel’s books should be required reading for anyone involved in the arts, especially students and their teachers.”Theater Design and Technology Magazine

“Eric Maisel has made a career out of helping artists, musicians, dancers, actors and writers cope with the traumas and troubles that are the price of admission to a creative life.”Intuition Magazine



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